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Street: Feb 9 2010

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KEXP 90.3 fm
In-Studio Performance, 02/06/2010
"Local trio Thunder Buffalo brings their grinding, dark garage-rock sounds to the KEXP studios for an exclusive live performance."

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Thunder Pyramid

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“Fact: while Thunder Buffalo chew up stubborn guitar riffs, clobbering drums and fuzzy vocals like countless other bands, the resulting songs bely a deft touch and blaze with a hip-wriggling sexuality that few can match.”
- A New Band a Day


“Thunder Buffalo are a magic carpet ride of down and dirty lo-fi mayhem.”
- The Finest Kiss


“It's chainsaw rock of the kind your mum told you to watch out for.”
- Mad Mackerel


Balls-out Psych Pop. Thats how Aaron Schroeder, madman behind Thunder Buffalo describes their signature sound. At first listen, one may compare TB's bombastic, fuzzy flavor to classic garage blues bands like MC5 or The Sonics. But after closer examination, Schroeder is correct... Thunder Buffalo is making pure raunch pop.

TB's heavy shuffles and frantic "four on the floor" rhythms define their contagious brand of garage rock, while hints of 60's be-bop and soul make them accessible to the point where you may find them in your teenage sister's tape deck. Please don't be mistaken however, Thunder Buffalo is anything but soft and sweet. A clear underground snarl is ever-present in TB's music which recalls psychadelic noise bands like Suicide, Liars, and Swans.

With a revolving door of notable Seattle musicians that include Branden Kempt (bass), Matt Winter (drums) Andrew Greagor (drums) and Zach Marley (guitar), Thunder Buffalo's live performances may vary a bit stylistically from one performance to the next, but are never lacking in energy, luster or musicianship.

Within a year, TB have released a debut album on Sarathan Records and conducted several US tours.... Schroeder is currently working night and day on TB's next release while getting ready to set sail on a monthlong stint surrounding SXSW.